Jasmine Thomas-Girvan wins the 2012 Aaron Matalon Award at the Jamaica National Biennial

The Aaron Matalon award is presented at each biennial to the artist who in the opinion of a jury comprised of the members of the Exhibitions and Acquisitions Committees of the National Gallery of Jamaica has made the most outstanding contribution to the biennial.


Her Art Resonates

Jasmine Thomas-Girvan’s pieces, which use a unique combination of materials such as bronze, wood, brass, aluminium, pearl, silver, and even silk, are truly works of art which carry messages taken from a variety of Caribbean situations.


Daring To Dream

“Until we can face all of who we are and understand how we arrived at this place, our capacity to dream into the future or imagine alternative histories is impeded. Dreaming liberates the imagination into sovereign space…”

Looking to our true Caribbean History

Large pieces of antique furniture fill the corners while salvaged fretwork adorns the walls. Attached to the fretwork is plexiglass with quotes from noted Caribbean writers such as Derek Walcott. Reading is part of Girvan’s artistic process and a source of inspiration for her work.


Jasmine Thomas-Girvan Exhibits at the Y Art Gallery

Looking at one of her pieces, you are immediately enthralled by the idea of seeking out the unknown. You want to examine each shape in its own uniqueness, every turn in detail.